• What Makes Us Different

    Taking training out of the Classroom and into the Plant. The Training, Consulting and Commissioning Company that specializes in Electrical & Process Engineering training for Electricians, Technicians, Technologists and Engineers.

  • SIEMENS APPROVED PARTNER FOR INDUSTRY SERVICES - Siemens places particular emphasis on servicing of Siemens’ products being performed according to the highest quality standards. Top Performer Training is a service provider with extensive technological and process expertise in the servicing of products & training services in the areas of DF & PD technologies; and is one of only a few companies in South Africa that Siemens has certified as a SIEMENS APPROVED PARTNER FOR INDUSTRY SERVICES.

  • Our Courses

    Top Performer Training is one of the leading Variable Speed Drive training companies in South Africa.

    Our specialist trainer Johan Gropp, has been training delegates in automation knowledge and problem-solving skills for more than 30 years; comprising all the different VSD applications as well as Protection, PLC and Process controls. Where applicable; we take training out of the classroom setup into the plant for practical problem-solving skills in reducing plant downtime. We strive to assist students in solving existing onsite plant problems.

  • View all of our professionally well structured Variable Speed Drives Training Courses presented by Top Performer Training.

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    Variable Speed Drives Training

    Variable Speed Drives Training

    View all of our professionally well structured Variable Speed Drives Training Courses presented by Top Performer Training.

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  • Contact us for our availability for all your commissioning and consultation needs!

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    Variable Speed Drive Commissioning and Consultation

    Variable Speed Drive Commissioning and Consultation

    Contact us for our availability for all your commissioning and consultation needs!

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  • View all of our professionally well structured Motor Control Training Courses presented by Top Performer Training.

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    Motor Control

    Motor Control

    View all of our professionally well structured Motor Control Training Courses presented by Top Performer Training.

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  • Client And Trainee Testimonials

  • “I request PLC training by the same person because he has outstanding knowledge. The facilitator is outstanding in practical related examples and in delivering the materials."

    Rating: T.Clavery from Tanzania Breweries

  • “The course equipped me with knowledge more than expected. Well done, keep it up..”

    Rating: E.Chiloane from Nkomati Mine

  • “I can’t wait for more training”

    Rating: T Sheelongo from Rosh Pina Mine, Namibia

  • “I can’t wait for more training”

    Rating: C.Bohr from Toyota


    Top Performer has offered us different kinds of services over a period of 5 years dating back as far as 2010. All these include different services as follows:


    Johan has played a very significant role in transforming our Electrical Team into a more learned and Technical crew as after his interaction with training we started to find a lot of improvement in terms of technical fault finding in Variable Speed Drives, Simocode and PLC; which were big challenges. All this assisted in solving problems with minimal consultation and reference. Johan’s knowledge and expertise in training also helped the crew to maintain the plant in a more productive way as the technical expertise shared during training started to bear fruit and results with an immediate positive impact.


    This includes training in Variable Speed Drives - Master Drives, Micromasters, Sinamics family; which is the latest version replacing obsolete master drives, UPS maintenance, PLC’s, Simocode DP & Simocode Pro V.


    It’s been a year of numerous projects and new installations and maintenance on our Variable Speed Drives with industrial swing/change. After Siemens declared MasterDrive VSD’s obsolete, we had no option but to work on a comprehensive program to make huge changes/replacements and installations to/of all our Drives. This followed jobs awarded to Top Performer, Johan Gropp as a lead/Engineer that assisted us with and implemented the installations of such Drives.

    We started off with one of our critical Sicon Conveyor Drives with load sharing application. This was one of our priorities in the plant as any fault in this plant will cause an immediate shutdown to the whole operation. Johan installed this sophisticated application Drive successfully and he commissioned and handed over the Drive to us with all commissioning documents, wiring diagrams and circuits to assist the on the ground team to speedily fault find and make corrections should there be a problem.

    • During the process of installation of the Drives; he also did orientation and knowledge sharing with on-board team members, whilst taking his time to explain and highlight all vital technical aspects of Drives with a lot of patience.
    • His patience and knowledge sharing, has assisted us to work and solve faults on the new drives without need of referring to and frequently asking for technical support from Siemens Support in South Africa.


    • G150 SINAMICS 500 KW VSD replacing old Master Drives
    • G150 SINAMICS 110 KW VSD (4 UNITS) replacing obsolete Master Drives
    • G130 SINAMICS 110 KW VSD (2 Units) replacing obsolete Master Drives
    • G120 SINAMICS 18.5 KW VSD (6 Units) replacing obsolete Master Drives
    • MICROMASTER 440 0.25KW (4) replacing Obsolete Master Drives


    We take this opportunity with great pleasure and without favour to share that we as Electrical Team No 2 Plant at Orapa Mine; recommend Top Performer (Johan Gropp) on the outstanding service they have rendered to us over the years. With all their unlimited assistance, even during abnormal times, we have managed to obtain technical support and expertise without fail at all times. We have achieved and gained a lot of ground on all our Variable Speed Drive’s maintenance and transition to the new Sinamics family, which has left us now working with continuous operation and reliability of all our Variable Speed Drives for our demanding operations. During all these jobs /tasks requested from Johan Gropp, has exceeded our expectations, hence the need to share our appreciation as an operation.

    Johan has clearly given us good service and we are proud to say that we are looking forward to his on-going support for improvement; and spending time with us on issues that must be resolved. History has shown that issues have always been resolved in good time frames.

    Definitely, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Johan Gropp of Top Performer Trading to any organisation on issues surrounding Technical Training, Technical Consultation and installation of all Electrical Services, most importantly on Variable Speed Drives, PLC’s, Simocodes, UPS and any other Electrical related jobs.

    Thank you once again for excellent service!!!

    Kenosi Onkokame Mokhohlane

    Plant 2 Electrical

    Orapa,Letlhakane and Damtshaa Mines

    Debswana Diamond Company


    July 2015

  • Top Performer Training Courses Onsite

    First of all Top Performer Training Courses Onsite are exceptionally presented.  Furthermore a qualified Trainer presents the courses. Another advantage being that 80% of our courses are presented onsite. In addition we also strive to assist delegates in solving existing plant problems. The company will inform you about training dates and availability. Most noteworthy as a certified Siemens Partner, we also present Siemens training courses. In conclusion, the company’s main focus is onsite Variable Speed Drive training. Therefore it will enhance your employees’ practical experience. Seems like a perfect mix of theory and practice. Our training guarantees the highest quality VSD training possible.

    The courses will ensure:
    • An Excellent trained specialists is essential to ensure productivity and quality.
    • Participants learn about the technology, the layout and the functions of the VSD applications of the drives and the machines.
    • Besides theory the courses also include a practical session with exercises.

    Your benefits:
    • SITRAIN training know-how with training material.
    • Therefore continued education possible even in the evening and/or at the weekend.
    • Regional continued education facilities offered by the network of Siemens authorized SIMATIC training partners.
    • Siemens certificate.

    Top Performer Training Courses Onsite